Our Lady of Topo Chico

Our Mission

At Our Lady of Topo Chico, we're on a mission to spread the word of our sparkling deity and to ensure Topo Chico's restorative bubbles save all - even people who drink tap water (gross, right?). We know once the good vibes of Topo Chico coat your soul, you'll convert.

What We Believe

Without getting into an intense theological debate, we believe drinking the water of Topo Chico does good things to your karma. That simple. Let's not belabor this.

"Everyone is welcome except people who act like jackasses. And no snakes. We don't do snake stuff."
- Rev. TC.

Our Place of Worship

As you can imagine, the Chico chapel is dreamy. It's rustic, with weathered mahogany doors and a backbar/altar combo that's pretty sick. You know, the type of place that really takes you back - lets you find all that Topo Chico Zen goodness.

We should mention: We couldn't afford a full-sized church so it's 1/25 scale. But if you stare at it long enough you feel like you're inside. Mushrooms help.

Starting a water church is serious business. Just ask the IRS.

Our History

Our religion is like two weeks old, so this won't take long...

The box ... we think; someone put it in with recycling.

Chapter 1, Verse 1

It started with a box. Deliver by the prophet Yu P. Ess.

"Deliver to the most creative person," the label said. Mysterious. Godlike. Intriguing. Inside that box: A quiver of water-filled bottles from Topo Chico.

We can't say the most creative person got the box, but that was the blessing! Otherwise, we may not have unearthed the spiritual sparkling deity that guides us today, but instead ended up with a "killer" Instagram photo stylized "on brand" to "drive engagement." So, who signed for that fateful package? The Reverend, that's who! Kidding - it was Keith from finance.

Chapter 1, Verse 2

Luckily for the now converted, Keith - Keith, who questions everything - got ahold of all the Topo Chico and dug in. He was obsessed. It was weird, but whatever. When a finance guy finally gets enthusiastic about something other than spreadsheets, you let them have it.

Princess drinking healing water. Well, either that or washing her face. We're not sure.

Turns out Topo Chico DOES have spiritual powers. It saved a princess. A princess! You can read more HERE, but this scripture is on a word count.

Anyway, next thing we know, Keith's preaching Topo's power to anyone who would listen. And listen we did. Topo Chico could cure all. It makes miracles. And it's booze's best friend.

At that point, Topo took over. We were happier. We were having fun. And damn we were peeing a lot; or as we now say: Cleansing our souls with Topo Chico.

We knew we had to share the life-changing qualities of Topo Chico with all. And luckily, that's like the one thing we didn't need a Topo miracle for. By day we're ad people. Spreading "the word" is what we do. And that's what landed us here, with a new religion, cool chapel and bigger recycling bin for glass.

Worship Services

The Congregation at Our Lady of Topo Chico is cool if you want to swing through

Topo Tuesdays: 4-6 p.m.

Please join us in person or virtually for our worship services, when we roll out the holy drink cart and sip from the mystical cup of Our Lady of Topo Chico. Or, hell, just chug it from the bottle, whatever suits you.


While being slightly fanatical, some say weird, our faith is nondenominational, nonjudgmental, nonflammable, nonviolent and nontoxic. Its purpose is not to offend or ridicule and in fact, can be paired with any other religion in your life. Much like Topo Chico complements any cocktail. So, you're cool, right?

The church and website have been created by an agency that adores - no, worships - beverages of all types.

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